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Rules and Etiquette


  1. Students are expected to keep the classrooms and school premises clean. They should not disfigure the walls or litter the verandas, corridors or grounds.
  2. School property should be handled with utmost care and their misuse should be avoided. Students should not scratch or spoil the desks or damage any furniture, write or draw anything on walls or damage things belonging to others. Any one who sees anything damaged should report the matter immediately to the school authorities.
  3. Students should switch off fans and lights while going out of the classrooms.
  4. No student should wear valuable jewellery or ornaments while attending the classes..
  5. Every student must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the principal.
  6. The students should show their school diaries and progress reports to their parents/ guardians and get them duly signed. This will help in the timely intimation of their progress or deficiencies and the remedial measures adopted by the school.



In their dealings with teachers and with other adults, children are expected to be guided by the following courtesies and points of etiquette:

  • To address them as “Sir” and “Ma’am”
  • To stand up in the presence of teachers, except in the classroom.
  • To sit only when asked to sit down.
  • To remove their hands from their pockets in the presence of teachers and visitors, and during formal occasions including assembly.
  • To wish them in the course of the day or as they pass, in a dignified manner.
  • To stand aside to let teachers and visitors pass.
  • To open doors for adults and let them go first
  • To converse and behave, in the presence of teachers and visitors, in a well-mannered way.
  • To offer to help any visitor who seems to require it.
  • To be polite to all non-teaching staff.
  • To raise one’s hands in class for permission to speak
  • To ask permission to leave or enter a class room
  • To stand in silence during assembly.
  • To be silent and respectful in the presence of visitors/guests to the school.



  1. Every student of the school is expected to be courteous in talk and at all times. Students are expected to get-up from their seats when a teacher or visitor enters the room.
  2. Students shall always remember to maintain the queue system while waiting to enter the bus, and washing place.
  3. Class rooms are strictly reserved for study and shall not be used as recreation rooms.
  4. Every student should bring textbooks and notebooks required for the classes. No books or periodicals other than school book may be brought to school.
  5. All assignments shall be regularly completed and submitted on time.
  6. The uniform must be clean, well-pressed and complete at all times. Students coming to school in untidy school dress will be denied admission to class.