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Affiliated to cbse - 930146

At Sree Vivekananda Memorial Public School, students are organized into four houses: Courage (Red), Harmony (Green), Legacy (Yellow), and Unity (Blue). The primary aim of house activities is to instill a sense of healthy competition, sportsmanship, and to nurture students’ inherent talents. Each house is entrusted with responsibilities such as organizing school assemblies, special day celebrations, and maintaining discipline on a rotational basis. The best-performing house is determined based on criteria like participation and points earned during sports and arts days, and it is duly awarded. Every house is led by a house master or house mistress, along with captains and assistant captains, who are elected through a democratic process during the investiture ceremony. The house master/mistress serves as a facilitator appointed by the school management for the academic year, guiding and supporting the house members in their endeavours.