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A Note to Parents

At SVMPS, we expect parents to be as much a part of their child’s life as we are.

i)  Parents are requested to go through the HAND BOOK daily.

ii) Parents should make sure that they have written their contact numbers and details correctly.

iii) Any change in address or phone no. should be in formed the office immediately.

iv)  Leave or absence should be write on Absence Record  page.

v) All activities of the school are envisaged and executed in the best  interest of the student body. Hence parents  must encourage them to take part in all the School  activities.

vi)  Full-cooperation of the parents is earnestly solicited . If the children complain about the school matters. Parents are requested to inform the principal of such matters and without their judgement until proper investigation is made.

vii) Parents are advised  to attend the parent teachers meeting regularly and make use of the opportunity to discuss the development and progress of the ward.

viii) Private tuition is not encouraged. If any student is weak in any subjects and needs additional support, they should consult the subject teachers, coordinator, and school counsellor for academic improvement plans

ix)  Withdrawal of children from class for mere a social functions is discouraged, as it is likely to break the continuity of study.

x) All damage to School property including ink stain must be remedied at the cost of the offender.

xi) Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school is sufficient reason for the dismissal of a pupil.

xii) No pupil may leave the School premises during School hours without the permission of the Principal.

xiii) Fashionable haircuts, colouring and bleaching, nail polish, mehandi, fancy hair bands and clips and use of gel is not permissible for both boys and girls. Parents are expected to ensure that their ward/s do not report to school with coloured hair, painted nails, visible tattoos, inappropriate hair style (trimming sides too short) and altered uniforms.


PARENT’S OPEN FORUM: Parents can discuss the progress of their children with their class teacher and all the subject teachers on the parents open day. Attendance on parents open day is compulsory for all the parents.